TAMAM Session presented by Mr. Rabih Al-Murr

The TAMAM team organized an interactive session entitled: ”The Role of the Educational Leader in Leading Change from the Institution’s Micropolitics Perspective: A Case Study of a Private School in Lebanon” on Saturday, May 14th.


This session was presented by Mr. Rabih Murr – Academic Director at Ahliah School in Lebanon. It is based on a case study and academic research from Mr. Murr’s graduate research on the experience of leadership and change in a private school in Lebanon.


This session shed light on one of the organizational frameworks for educational institutions, which is the framework of micropolitics. In addition, it discussed strategies that the educational leaders and school members can follow to reduce resistance to change, while leading the change process to transform the school toward continuous renewal and development rooted in its unique identity


The session was attended by 45 practitioners and educational researchers from TAMAM-participating schools in different Arab countries, in addition to the Governing Body at Ahliah School, which is a friend school to TAMAM.


The session began by presenting the challenges of educational change in the context of Lebanon and Lebanese schools, as well as the case of the school. This was followed by a discussion of the study results and conclusions for effecting successful sustainable change in light of the complex challenging process that accompanies change initiatives.

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