Music Program


Establishing a music program at Ahliah that educates, develops and inspires students’ musical skills to reach their full potential and commit to lifelong enjoyment of music.

The Music Program will be committed to the highest standards of musicianship combining innovative and individualized programs to meet the needs of the students and aiming to affiliate in the near future with an international music exam board to get certified


  • Private Lessons: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Cello, Vocal 
  • Musical Awakening for ages 2-5
  • Group music classes (optional): Music appreciation, Vocal ensemble, Guitar ensemble, Strings ensemble
  • Music Theory and Practical Musicianship classes (In School Music Curriculum for Ahliah Students)

Classes Schedule

  • Music Program Classes are open for two terms, each term lasts 14 weeks given every Saturdays starting 9:00 AM.
  • Instruments lessons are for 30 min per week.
  • Choir takes place every Wednesday for 90 min.
  • Group Classes are for 60 min.
  • Music Awakening is for 45 min.
  • Music Theory and Practical Musicianship is a combined course for 45 min for non Ahliah Students, 45min during music classes for Ahliah Students.


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