Virtual Learning

Within the emerging events of this year, the October closure and the current pandemic, the academic team and teachers throughout the school divisions with the support of the IT Department have managed to complete a major step transitioning completely to a Virtual Learning Environment.

Ahliah School Logo
Ahliah School Logo

Ahliah School, founded in 1916, is a K-12 private, not-for-profit, non-sectarian, independent school which offers the National Lebanese Baccalaureate and High School programs. 

Ahliah provides liberal education through encouraging intellectual pursuit and nurturing high moral and ethical character in its students. Ahliah School’s mission is to develop young minds to their best abilities, while nurturing self-confidence, respect, compassion, creativity, joy for learning, and working collaboratively within a diverse environment. Ahliah graduates are primed to take responsibility for their future and to be active citizens engaged in local, regional, and global issues.

Ahliah's Story and Legacy since 1916