About the Campus

The school is located in Wadi Abu Jmil, Downtown Beirut.

Located in Downtown Beirut, the school buildings reflect the history of its urban and architectural context, the school complex is composed of four buildings with a total built up area of 4800 sq.m divided among four blocks.                                                                                          

The Historic building (Block A), a three story building built around the mid to late 19th century, was completely reinforced and renovated in 2013. It houses the preschool and lower school divisions. It contains 12 classrooms, library, two offices, one storage, and two batteries of toilets. Outside this building is a garden and a playground, properly equipped to be occupied separately by students of age groups 3-5 and 6-7 at different recess times. 

The French mandate building (Block B), a four story building built in the 1930s, housing administrative offices, archive office, services, classrooms, and the Physics laboratories. This building was renovated in 2015

The Modern building (Block C), a four story building built in the 1950s, housing 18 classrooms, teachers’ lounges, art room, infirmary, cafeteria, and the roof is equipped to be occupied by the secondary students during recess time. Two floors of this building were renovated during summer 2014.

The Late Modern building (Block D), a four story building built in the 1980s, housing the library for middle and upper school, dancing and music room, Biology and chemistry laboratory and an apartment for the school guard. This building was be renovated during the summer of 2015. 

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