DEI Committee

I. Background

Ahliah School has always taken pride in its diversity. The Ahliah community comprises students from different genders, beliefs, abilities, skills, and social backgrounds. Although the school takes a holistic approach in evaluating students’ learning, it follows individual approaches in customizing the learning experience to fit every student’s needs. The COVID 19 period has left many students feeling alienated, emotionally rigid, anxious, and unattuned to their surroundings or to other people’s needs. As the school resumes on-campus teaching, community support becomes more important than ever to build the infrastructure that can support its members.

II. Overview and Mission Statement

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee is a student –led body which aims at advancing Ahliah’s core values as affirmed in its guiding statements.
The DEI mission is to develop and promote practices which encourage inclusivity, tolerance, and an equitable culture among all students .

III. Framework

1. Membership

1.1 The committee shall consist of at least 8 members from Upper School students who will be selected by the counselor, upper school supervisor, and head of division.

1.2 Selected students should have demonstrated advocacy, tolerance, and agency throughout their school life.

1.3 In addition to students, the committee shall include the head of division, the counselor, and the student-life officer who will all be facilitating the committee’s work.

1.4 The committee shall elect from among its members the chair and the secretary of the committee.
1.5 The chair shall be calling for and running the committee’s meetings with equal voting rights to every member in the committee. The secretary will be recording and sharing meeting minutes of all committee meetings.

2. Roles and Responsibilities:

2.1. The committee shall work on an action plan which identifies areas of unconscious discrimination or bias among students in all its forms.
2.2 The committee shall plan and implement activities, campaigns, and programs which nurture an atmosphere of inclusion and promote a culture of acceptance among students.
2.3 The committee shall work to ensure that “no child is left behind “due to socioeconomic status, ability, skills, beliefs…
2.4. The committee shall adhere to Ahliah’s rules and regulations.
2.5. The committee shall denounce discrimination and encourage peace education among the student body.
2.6. The committee shall assess the impact of its practices on the wellbeing of its community.
2.7. Members of the committee will receive mentorship on their roles and responsibilities by the counselor prior to assuming their tasks.

3. Meetings

3.1 Meetings will be held in school on weekly/bi-weekly basis from 2:30 till 3:15

3.2 The secretary will record and share meeting minutes with the principal, HoD, Students’ life supervisor and counselor.

3.3 Meetings will be called for and facilitated by the chair of the committee.

3.4 The counselor and student-life supervisor will be presiding over all meetings

3.5 The committee shall have a monthly meeting with the principal to share its findings, suggestions, and practices.

3.6 All committee meetings will be held in the Board room ,1st floor.

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