Parents Committee

Ahliah School Parent Committee is a group of parents who volunteer to work as a supportive body and active members of the school community to promote parents’ involvement in achieving the school vision and goals.

The elected parent committee (based on the Act 81/11) consists of 11 members representing the four school divisions; preschool, lower, middle and secondary.

The current parent committee has set its objectives which are:

  • Create harmony between Home and School which is essential to offer our children the best that education can offer.
  • Work closely with the school administration for the aim of the school progress and development.
  • Coordinate with the school to enrich students’ social and educational experiences based on their needs and age groups.
  • Enhance communication between parents and school departments.
  • Participate and help the school in student activities and general activities such as guest speakers, sports tournaments, celebrations, etc.
  • Participate in fundraising activities to support school programs and advance in the achievement of its mission.

Committee Members

  • Fayez Khoshaish (President)
  • Nadia El Sabbagh (Vice-President)
  • Ghada El Husseini (Secretariat General)
  • Issam Hijazi (Finance Committee)
  • Samer Jabr (Finance Committee)
  • Maya Moussa (Treasurer)
  • Zeinab El Rezz (Legal and Social Affairs)
  • Malak Khaled (Public Relations Consultant)
  • Abeer Itani (Member)
  • Houssam Jaat (Member)
  • Jamal Malak (Member)
  • Mohammad Darwish (Member)
  • Mohammad Sabra (Member)