Parents Committee

Ahliah School Parent Committee is a group of parents who volunteer to work as a supportive body and active members of the school community to promote parents’ involvement in achieving the school vision and goals.

The elected parent committee (based on the Act 81/11) consists of 11 members representing the four school divisions; preschool, lower, middle and secondary.

The current parent committee has set its objectives which are:

  • Create harmony between Home and School which is essential to offer our children the best that education can offer.
  • Work closely with the school administration for the aim of the school progress and development.
  • Coordinate with the school to enrich students’ social and educational experiences based on their needs and age groups.
  • Enhance communication between parents and school departments.
  • Participate and help the school in student activities and general activities such as guest speakers, sports tournaments, celebrations, etc.
  • Participate in fundraising activities to support school programs and advance in the achievement of its mission.

Committee Members

Congratulations to the Ahliah School Parents’ Committee on electing its board! Ahliah prides itself on the motivation & initiative parents show to impact their children’s learning. A special welcome to the elected committee members:

  • Mrs. Nadia Hjeij (President)
  • Mrs. Mirna Toumi (Vice President)
  • Mrs. Hiba Shoueib (Secretary)
  • Mrs. Ola Hamdan (Member in Finance Committee)
  • Mrs. Mona Zbib (Member in Finance Committee)
  • Mrs. Bassima Itani Jaat (Member)
  • Mrs. Maya Moussa (Member)
  • Mrs. Zeinab Hassan (Member)
  • Mrs. Lina Alemeh ( Member)
  • Mrs. Aya el sayegh ( Member)
  • Mrs. Ghina Arnaout (Member)

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