Ahliah’s History

  • 1916
    Foundation (1916-1934)  

    1916 - Foundation (1916-1934)

    Founding an entirely national school in concept, management and financing (1916-1934)           Mary Kassab, a pioneering woman and schoolteacher, founded the school in 1916, during World War I, at a time when some missionary schools in the city closed down. She initially named it, the Syrian National School. The school attracted […]

  • 1934
    Al-Ahliah girls' college (1934-1975)  

    1934 - Al-Ahliah girls’ college (1934-1975)

    Flourishing an Education Based on Self-Confidence (1934-1975) Mary Kassab was succeeded by Wadad Cortas, (Principal 1934-74), who continued with her predecessor’s mission. She created different programs and streams for girls to follow and introduced special extracurricular education through the daily assemblies (dar al Ijtima’a) during which, prominent members of the community and visitors to Lebanon, […]

  • 1977
    Ahliah School in Beirut (1977-1991)  

    1977 - Ahliah School in Beirut (1977-1991)

    Ahliah’s Steadfastness During the Catastrophe of War (1977-1991) Situated in the heart of Beirut, Ahliah found itself at the center of battles during the Lebanese War (1975–1991). Its buildings sustained heavy damage and the school closed during 1975-77 and reopened, to serve the community in its immediate vicinity by the decision of the BoT, and […]

  • 1991
    Post-Civil War Improvements (1991-2007)  

    1991 - Post-Civil War Improvements (1991-2007)

    Post-Civil War Improvements (1991-2007) As of 1995, the school started to restructure itself to meet the demands of the 21st century. The BoT, led by Nadim Cortas and with input from all of the school’ stakeholders started the process to develop a strategic plan to be coupled with a facility master plan. Four prestigious engineering […]

  • 2009
    Master Plan Execution (2009-2019)  

    2009 - Master Plan Execution (2009-2019)

    Master Plan Execution (2009-2019) As of 2009, The Board of Trustees along with the Principal, Rida Ayache (2008-current), with major input from all the school’s constituency and stakeholders, finalized the Strategic and Master Plans in alignment with the school Mission and in an executable form with a clear timeline. The strategic plan, built around the […]