Tuition and Fees

Due to the current unstable financial situation, an additional flat fee across all grade levels will be added to support the below tuition.

For further details please contact the business office.

Tuition Fees LBP USD*
Pre-school KGI-KGIII 11,550,000 1,800
Elementary Grade 1 – 6 12,750,000 1,800
Intermediate Grade 7 – 9 13,250,000 1,800
Secondary Gr. 10-12 14,400,000 1,800
College Freshman year preparatory program (CFYP) 7 – 8 14,400,000 1,800
College Freshman year preparatory program (CFYP) 9-10-11-12 15,400,000 1,800

*Additional fee payable in USD cash.

Academic Support Division

As part of the education plan for students, there may be times when additional academic support is required after consultation with the parents, the teachers and the ASD coordinator.

These fees are assigned as follows:

 Programs Type of Program

Fees Preschool/Elementary

(in USD*)

Fees Intermediate

(in USD*)

Academic Support for Students with Learning Difficulties Program A (Academic support + Speech therapy) 250 300
Program B (Academic support) 200 250
Exam Accommodation 100 100
Arabic as Second Language ASL 100 100

*Additional fee payable in USD cash.

Schedule of Fees and Payment Plans

  • Fees are due and payable on the dates shown below
  • A non-refundable registration fee is payable upon acceptance


 Registration Fees ** 10% April 30 of the current year
Tuition Fees 50% Sept-22
40% Feb-23

* * Registration Fees is 10% of the tuition fee due on April the 30th and 10 days after acceptance for new students

Development Fee

For new students, a one-time charge of USD 300 applies as part of the continuous development program of the school.

School Uniform

K1 through Grade 12 students are required to abide by the dress code of the school.The uniform is available at Cotton Mall stores in Furn el Chebak, Abraj Center, and Ashrafieh, Sassine, Etoile Building.

Text Books

Students can purchase the assigned textbooks from any bookstore. Rented books would be provided by the school.


  • Application fee is non-refundable
  • Registration fee is non-refundable
  • Cancellations received after opening day are subject to an indemnity fee (please contact the Business Office)

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is awarded on the basis of merit and need as well as student’s performance. An Application form should be filled and submitted with supporting document to the business office. The amount is determined on an individual basis by the Financial Aid committee.

For more information regarding the procedure for application, please contact the Business office.