We need your support

Life long learners, Ahliah needs your support in these struggling times.Due to the disastrous explosion that shook our beautiful Beirut, Ahliah premises was affected badly and we need your support to fix and renovate the damages.For your contribution, please click the below link: safe.

Recommendations for supporting children through traumatic events

The following recommendations are from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and of the American Academy of Pediatrics for promoting adjustment to stressful and traumatic events: Acknowledge and accept behavior as normal adaptations to stress  Provide children with opportunities to share what they went through or what they think about it. Provide support and comfort […]

Ahliah 2020 Graduation Ceremony

After a period of a political turmoil followed by a virus that crippled the globe, finally Ahliah celebrated the graduation of its students. The school principal and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees saluted the graduates for their effort during the unusual period that polished their resilience to face obstacles in the future. Three […]