Student Council

Student Council members represent Ahliah School as leaders within the school and the community. In addition, they will represent their respective classes in the Student Council and will participate in making decisions regarding school events and students related matters. They play an active role in organizing and executing student life activities, events, and service projects. Serving on the Student council is an opportunity that will strengthen their leadership skills.


The Student Council

  • Takes part in planning school activities.
  • Conducts community service projects.
  • Discusses recommendations from students, teachers and administration.
  • Seeks to improve the school and its image.
  • Creates a liaison between students and school administration.
  • Gives recommendations and suggestions regarding school policies especially ones directly related to students.

During the second meeting the council elects its president, vice president and treasurer.

The Student Council meets on weekly basis. To discuss the agenda set by the council president.



  • Sets the agenda for the weekly meetings in coordination with the Advisor Teacher and council members.
  • Continuously communicates with council members concerning issues to be discussed and propositions for activities and events.
  • Follows up on decisions and action plans set by the council.


Vice President:

  • Represents the president during his/her absence.
  • Takes and keeps minutes of meetings.



  • Keeps track of the council’s budget.
  • Gives recommendations concerning expenses.


Election process:

  1. Elections will take place during the first semester.
  2. Candidates should be Ahliah students for at least one whole academic year.
  3. Candidates must fill and submit the application form in addition to two teacher recommendation forms.
  4. Final Candidates for elections are selected based on from previous academic performance, conduct, teacher recommendation and a candidate questionnaire/profile.
  5. Elections take place in each class, the student with the highest number of votes will be elected as class president.
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