Kindness Week: A Successful Celebration of Empathy and Compassion

“Kindness Week: A Successful Celebration of Empathy and Compassion”

Ahliah School’s DEI Committee organized Kindness Week, which aimed at promoting empathy and compassion among our students. The week was filled with a variety of activities that encouraged students to show kindness and support to one another.


One of the main highlights of the week was the letter exchange initiative, where middle, upper, and lower school students were paired up to write letters of kindness to one another. The initiative was a great success as it allowed students to connect with their peers and express their thoughts and feelings in a positive way.

During recess hours, senior students created kindness circles, which were supervised by the DEI Committee. These circles provided a safe space for students to come together and reflect on the importance of kindness in all its features. The circles also allowed students to share their own experiences and offer support to one another. DEI members created a kindness wall for cycle 1 students who took turns to brighten up each other’s day by sharing messages of positivity and encouragement.


To further raise awareness about the importance of kindness, the DEI Committee created an awareness video. The video highlighted the positive impact that small acts of kindness can have on ourselves and those around us. It was shared with the entire school community and sparked meaningful conversations about empathy and compassion.

Overall, Kindness Week was a great success. We hope that the lessons learned during the week will continue to inspire our students to be kind and empathetic toward one another. Kindness truly is the key to creating a positive and inclusive school community.”

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