Grade 8 Newton’s Law Project



As physics is nature’s language, students are coached to navigate beyond their usual borders.

Students discovered that Newton’s laws govern daily life activities and implemented their thoughts into various projects expressing reality from the scientific perspective.


Why do objects move? Why don’t objects move? Better yet, why do objects that are moving eventually stop? 

Just like Isaac Newton, you might have witnessed some phenomena in the world that might have intrigued your curiosity and made you ask questions that need answers. Let’s find our answers today! As famous scientists, you will be creating three demonstrations that deal with each of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.  

Once you have created your demonstrations you will test each demonstration and identify what Law of Motion it deals with. You will be instructed to show the audience members (classmates) your demonstrations.  


Grade 8 students did a project with the main tasks to

Design and create a demonstration that deals with each of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. Use the internet to find ideas for your demonstrations (you can also find some websites below that can help). When you finish you will conduct the demonstration for the audience (classmates). When each demonstration is finished you will have to tell the audience which Law of Motion you have demonstrated and why it goes with that certain law. 

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