International Pi Day

Ahliah School is celebrating Pi Day and the 15th anniversary of Math World Day.
Students were engaged in multiple activities and competitions in their classes.
Also, we would like to mention that Ahliah School is on the map of the international celebrations organized by
the International Community of Mathematics and the Unesco on the link: https://www.idm314.org/2022-photo-challenge-map.html

Students of all grade levels participated in several activities to highlight the different properties on why the number Pi is special.

Every year, on March 14, the world celebrates Pi Day. The day was marked on March 14 due to its significance with the number Pi 3.14, and recently it was also related to the birth of Albert Einstein.
In 2007, in addition to being celebrated as Pi Day, March 14 was marked as the International Day of Mathematics and then later on dedicated by UNESCO to celebrate Mathematics all over the world.
This year the celebrations were held under the title Math Unit Us for which Ahliah School took part of it.
The students of Ahliah School celebrated Pi Day and Math World Day through a series and multiple activities in class and participated in multiple competitions in class and as a whole school.

The competitions were as follows:
 Reciting the decimal digits of Pi: Students from cycles 2, 3, and 4 competed to write down the greatest number of decimal digits of Pi in two minutes. This year, a new school record was recorded for 161 decimal digits.

 Projects competitions: Using different material and platforms, students competed in designing the best poster, model, art, and video that represents the number Pi and listing facts about it in some of the Posters.

Here are the names of the Winners:

  • Haidi Saad Grade 3
  • Ali Alawieh Grade 3
  • Abdul Aziz Zein Grade 12 CFYP
  • Aya Ismail Grade 12 CFYP
  • Grade 3A
  • Yasmine Ramadan Grade 7
  • Abdul Rahman Sharaf Grade 4
  • Mona Asso Grade 5
  • Adnan Fayoumi Grade 5
  • Marya Al Safadi Grade 12 CFYP
  • Karim Hachem Grade 4
  • Selena Abu ElJibin Grade 5
  • Karim Badawi Grade 5
  • Helen Alameh Grade 8
  • Youssef Saad Grade 7
  • Mohamad Zakaria Al Natout Grade 6
  • Mohamad Kobrosly Grade 6
  • Layan Hussein Grade 5
  • Jawaher Al-Khatib Grade 12 CFYP
  • Tayma Khayat Grade 7
  • Layal Kanonji Grade 4
  • Lana Sayegh Grade 4
  • Najeeb Al Geadah Grade 5
  • Lynn Asso Grade 7
  • Elham Al Bahesh Grade 11 CFYP
  • Ibrahim Nourreddine Grade 6
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