Fabriano Competition

Our talented students have once again proven their artistic skills by winning in multiple categories of the Fabriano competition! 
Check out the list of our winners below:
Ram Daniel Bourji
Mohammad Moussawi
Ali Bayram
Yasmina Koubeissi
Layan Yacoub
Sara Abdallah
Salma Ghalayini
Lilia Obeid
Karen Al Masri
Dalia Sabra
Hassan Nassar
Julie Zahwi
Jana Annan
Mouhamad Azkoul
Judi Kreidly
Mohammad Jawad
Dana Najia
Diana Jammal
Karim Nahhal
Lea Hallal
Moamad Ghalayini
Sophia Espartinez
Nai Temsah
Sirena Temsah
Nour El Hares
Massive congratulations to each and every one of these incredible artists!
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