AUB mathematics and science fair winners

We are incredibly proud of our student for their achievements in winning projects at the AUB Math and Science Fair. Below is the list of winners:
• Math – Abstract Problem Investigation- 1st prize elementary: Mariam Naim- Lynn Fakih- Ali al Rida Mohammad and Hassan Sattouf: Speedy Divisors Counting.
• Math- Real World Model and Demonstration- 1st prize secondary: Omar Moussa- Rayan Tarabay- Shireen Zeidan and Samia Channir: The Golden Gate: Fibonacci Sequence.
• Technology-Model and Demonstration – 2nd prize secondary: Mustafa El Tannir: Ionic Jet Engine
• Science- Research- Elementary- 2nd prize: Carla Tohme- Mohamad El Halabi- Mona Naim and Julia Obeid: Powering Tomorrow: Unleashing the Bright Benefits of Renewable Energy –Let’s Solarize Our School!
Congratulations for all the winner’s
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