TAMAM Annual Ghathering

Ms. Rida Ayache, the Principal of Ahliah School, actively participated in the 12th annual gathering of the TAMAM event hosted by the American University of Beirut held in Amman, Jordan, from February 9 to 11, 2024. The event centered around the theme “TAMAM Educational Movement: Fostering Partnerships for Educational Reform in the Arab Region from a Grounded Perspective.”

Through a poster presentation, Ms. Ayache shared the experience of Ahliah School in embracing participatory governance model and emphasized the board’s role in fulfilling the school’s mission and vision, ensuring sustainability, and fostering continuous development. The board ensures that every school stakeholder has a voice in decisions through their representatives.



The Ahliah Board of Trustees ensures an inclusive process for reviewing guiding statements involving all school stakeholders: trustees, students, parents, faculty, administration, alumni, and the community. The guiding statements focus on key pillars:

  • Academic: Developing young minds to their fullest potential.
  • Character attributes: Fostering self-confidence, respect, compassion, collaboration, creativity, and a joy for learning.
  • Diversity: Cultivating an inclusive diverse environment.
  • Active citizenship: Instilling a sense of responsibility for improving the future locally, regionally, and globally.
  • Sustainability and Development: Ensuring fiscal sustainability, maintaining quality standards, driving performance improvement, and fostering innovation for the future.

The Ahliah Board of Trustees collaborates with the school through joint committees. The Board has the role of:

  • Leading the strategic planning process with a rolling 5-year plan and 10 to 20-year horizon.
  • Being the custodian of standards, in particular academic standards.
  • Assuming fiduciary responsibility and ensure fiscal sustainability.
  • Approving policies and procedures.
  • Appointing the school principal and through him/her the senior leadership team with clear job responsibilities.
  • Monitoring progress with key indicators and ensure availability of resources.

Through the TAMAM initiative, Ahliah aspires to establish partnerships with peer schools in the region, fostering an association of schools that mutually share experiences and collaboratively work to develop accreditation guidelines, promoting collective growth and advancement in education.




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