Jawdat Haydar Workshop

On Saturday, February 10, 2024, Ahliah School hosted a workshop centered around the renowned Lebanese Poet Jawdat Haydar. The event saw the active participation of schools from across Lebanon, coming together to delve into the rich world of Jawdat Haydar’s poetry and explore potential avenues for its integration into the school curriculum, spanning from lower school to secondary and even high school levels.



The workshop commenced with a comprehensive presentation on Jawdat Haydar’s life, career, notable achievements, and poetry. Engaging discussions unfolded as English educators from various schools collaborated to dissect Jawdat Haydar’s poetry, aiming to formulate a cohesive study plan applicable across different educational levels.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Shahina Haydar Osseiran for organizing this event at Ahliah School, providing a platform for fruitful exchanges and collaborative efforts among educators. The workshop not only celebrated the legacy of Jawdat Haydar but also fostered a collective endeavor to enrich the English Literature curriculum in schools throughout Lebanon.

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