Preschoolers express their love for planet Earth through different activities

In celebration of Earth Day, preschoolers, through their curriculum, expressed their love for planet Earth through several activities conducted during their sessions.

KG3 students used their learning theme/unit “Living and non-living” to show their care for our planet. They were given an activity called “Parts of Plant”, where they created the parts of a plant using different recycling materials, to highlight the importance of recycling & upcycling for saving our planet. In addition, KG3 students created posters that represent different ways to save and protect our first home “Mother Earth”.

KG2 children chose different ways to express some ways of saving planet earth. Some drew and others took a video of actions that will save our planet. They expressed their love for planet Earth and the importance of preserving it.

KG1 students celebrated Earth day by drawing how they would want planet Earth to look like. Many young learners drew forests full of trees and flowers, and oceans with clean water. They also showed us ways we can help the Earth, such as reusing papers several times, recycling objects, and reducing energy and resource use.

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