Online Mathematics Competition

On March 23rd, 3P-Learning organized its yearly online competition in celebration of Math World Day. The competition lasted for 48 hours consisting of 20 games that rely on mental computation and speed. Ahliah School students, grades 4 through 12, participated in the competition for the fifth year in a row joining millions of students from around the world. During their participation, a group of students achieved top ranks in the competition across Lebanon and Mohamad Zakaria Al Natout reached rank 6 worldwide during the first 12 hours of the competition. Among the participating students, around 60 were active online for 48 hours achieving 45 bronze certificates and collecting points helping the school to rank third among participating schools in Lebanon.

The following are the school’s high achievers:

  1. Mohamad Zakaria Al Natout of Grade 6 ranks 1 in Lebanon and 152 worldwide
  2. Lynn Asso of Grade 7 and Helen Alameh of grade 8 rank 9 in Lebanon
  3. Reina Halabi of Grade 7 ranks 10 in Lebanon.
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