Launching of the academic year 2022-2023


Today we celebrated the launching of the academic year 2022-2023.
Our school principal, Ms.Rida Ayache, called for a faculty and staff meeting in which she set the
climate for a positive school community which nurtures camaraderie and growth among all its
members. The meeting centered around Ahliah’s objectives for the academic year 2022-2023 in
alignment with its enduring mission.
During the meeting, the principal mapped out Ahliah’s goals for the coming school year-a
collaborative learning community which puts equity and inclusion at the heart of its practices and
which promotes continuous professional and personal development among all its faculty
members. Mrs.Ayache revisited Ahliah’s definition of quality learning and emphasized the
importance of developing innovative strategies which advance student-centered learning and
promote critical reflection.
Immediately after the meeting, the Academic Team commenced Ahliah’s professional growth
plan where the process of refining learning outcomes based on the different competencies
students are intended to develop was resumed.
The Support Team presented their plan for expanding the school’s practices to allow all students
to “develop to their best abilities” while providing a supportive, trusting learning environment.
The general meeting was followed by division meetings where the Heads of Divisions expanded
on the set goals, elaborated on the distinctiveness of the Ahliah culture, and drew the road map
towards enriching students’ learning experiences. They detailed the expectations of the coming
period and discussed methods of streamlining the school’s processes.

The school year has started and we are all set and ready for our students!

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