Heritage week at Ahliah

In commemoration of Lebanese Independence Day, Ahliah School organized a week-long celebration dedicated to exploring and honoring Lebanon’s national heritage. The schools’ National Heritage Week was filled with activities which incorporated valuable learning experiences for our students.

The cornerstone of National Heritage Week was the field trips to iconic Lebanese landmarks, such as the Jbeil Citadel, the Old Souks of Byblos, Memory of Time Museum, and Sursock Museum where students immersed in rich learning experiences that blended historical and cultural exploration with language skills development. Students engaged in inquiry-based learning where they were able to delve deeper into the nuances of Arabic and Lebanese literature and heritage within a real-world context.

A pivotal aspect of National Heritage Week was the visit to Barzakh Cafe, where students organized a cultural event to celebrate Arabic literature. The event provided students with a platform to apply their theoretical knowledge of Arabic literature in a practical setting. Organizing and participating in the event allowed for experiential learning, enhancing students’ appreciation for the subject beyond the classroom.

National Heritage Week also featured engaging in-school activities designed to deepen students’ connection to their heritage. Senior students organized heritage game centers which aimed at reinforcing younger students’ knowledge of their heritage in an interactive manner. Through various game stations, students actively engaged with different aspects of their cultural heritage, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

Various in-class activities on the origin of Lebanese proverbs and habits encouraged critical thinking and cultural exploration. By uncovering hidden elements of Lebanese culture, students gained insights into the intricacies of their heritage, fostering a sense of pride and connection.

The department of math also had its share as students recreated Lebanese flags using Geogebra which not only enhanced students’ mathematical skills but also emphasized the practical application of technology in expressing cultural identity. This approach made math more relevant and engaging for the students.

National Heritage Week at Ahliah School was a resounding success. The school successfully celebrated Lebanon’s rich heritage while fostering a love for learning that extends beyond the confines of traditional classroom settings.

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