Head of Health and Safety Department Video

Ahliah School is committed to ensuring a secure and safe environment for all its community members. In line with this, the main responsibilities of the school’s Health and Safety Department include:

  • Following up on the school’s risk assessment plan
  •  Providing emergency care guidelines for illnesses and injuries while at school
  • Providing education and counseling in a variety of health, safety, and wellness topics
  • Developing the competencies of the school community to respond to safety concerns.
  • Preparing the Ahliah community through fire drills, earthquake drills, and first aid training.

Further, this department is in charge of monitoring and controlling the spread of communicable diseases. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Ahliah School’s Board of Trustees has formed a COVID-19 ad-hoc sub-committee consisting of three of its members, Dr. Huda Zurayk, Dr. Amine Nasr, and Dr. Nadim Cortas. This committee also includes school Principal Rida Ayache, the Head of Health and Safety Department, Naima Kayal, in addition to Dr. Umaya Musharrafiyeh, a COVID-19 expert from the Department of Family Medicine at AUBMC. The committee reviews the policies and procedures set for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and advises the school on actions that may need to be taken resulting from sudden changes.

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