Global Camp Denmark – UNESCO Asp Network

25th of October – 2nd of November 2019-2020

It is of great privilege that Ahliah School has taken part in one of the most memorable events conducted on the issue of Global Citizenship and Sustainable development. Our participating Ahliah members are: English Instructor Ms. Lea Daccache, Grade 12 LS student Yasmine Abdallah and 12 CFYP student Layan Srour.  Ahliah was also joined by various participating schools from Spain, Serbia, Ghana, South Africa and Turkey.  Our students were introduced to different cultures and ideologies through hands on activities and workshops. As part of representing Lebanon, Layan sang an Opera piece called “Arzati” as a cultural icebreaker; this song is an integral tune acquired from the Ahliah Choir. As for Yasmine, she had prepared a trivia game that centers on the history and culture of Lebanon. This game aims to assess cultural background and to reshape any stereotypical notions surrounding the true essence and image of Lebanon. Ms. Lea as well had participated in numerous workshops that center on the Sustainable development goals and the true definition and application of Governance.

    Our Ahliah members got a chance to visit our Danish Partner School Helsingør Skole, where our students conducted an interactive presentation about the History of Ahliah and the Lebanese Culture. They as well were given a tour of the classes and they took part in certain discussions that promote the Sustainable Development Goals. It was a perfect time to share all that Ahliah has been working on, such as the global goal projects towards Mental Health Awareness, Zero Hunger and Life Below Water. The students were also invited to join a field trip and workshop that promoted Life Below Water. They were taught how to fish without harming the marine life. In addition to that, all students were encouraged to extract and clean out the plastic pollutants from the water. To take matter on a bigger scale, our students have decided to collaborate with our partner school on a hands on Project targeting Life Below Water. They named the event “No Plastic Week” in which they will set a date to begin working on every activity to be implemented. The aim is to raise awareness regarding the danger of Plastic consumption and its cynical influence on our Lebanese shores. 

      A huge tour of both Copenhagen and Helsingør was held as a means of introducing the Danish culture and History. Our Ahliah participants visited the Christianborg castle and Parliament where they were introduced to the governmental history of Denmark. The next stop was Kronborg, the famous castle that influenced Shakespeare to write Hamlet. The journey continued with a visit to the Viking Museum, where we were introduced to historical insights regarding the Viking age. Our partner school carried on with the tour which comprised of the famous Louisiana Museum, the Maritime museum, Tivoli park and Nyhaven. In the same fashion, our students were involved in discussions and workshops related to the Danish Slave trade, the developments for peace and the strive for human rights.


Before attending the Global Camp in Denmark, I expected gaining a lot of knowledge about the global goals, but what I really gained was much more. Meeting people from seven different countries taught me how our diversity brought us closer. Touring Copenhagen taught me and showed me how a true sustainable country lives and what it can offer which brings me to the workshop that was well organized and put together. The leading team was always ready to guide us into enforcing a better future for Lebanon through these 17 sustainable goals.

Yasmine Abdallah
Grade 12 LS Student

The Global Camp in Denmark was such an amazing experience. Seeing different countries and people all gathered around to discuss an important issue together was a beautiful sight to see. We learned about different lifestyles and cultures which would have only been possible through participating in this workshop.

Layan Srour
Grade 12 CFYP Student

I can frankly say that this week has been the most enlightening and memorable time of my life. It was so endearing how we were received with such hospitality and warmth. In one week, I was taught what others take years to achieve, I was taught how to be a true Global citizen.

Ms. Lea Daccache
English Teacher

The Journey

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