Effective Parenting Skills

Under the theme Healthy Relationships, Middle School Division at Ahliah School launched a full-scale awareness campaign aimed at equipping teens with the tools necessary to establish healthier relationships with their families and peers. Mr. Ahmad Youssef, psychologist and founder of Bann Center for Consultancy and Training conducted a two-stage awareness session on Keeping Up with the Change. The first stage included an open Q & A session which targeted the students in which Mr. Youssef addressed teens concerns and shed a light on the most common problems among teens and ways to deal with them. The second stage was a follow-up session with parents in which Mr. Youssef focused on the reasons behind specific behaviors among teens and better ways to understand their needs. Campaign will be followed up by in-class reflections and discussions.


My daughter encouraged me to attend the session as she felt that Mr. Youssef “Understood us”. The session was an eye-opener. It allowed me to reflect on the behavior of my daughter and make sense out of it.

Mrs. Zakkar

The session was very insightful and informative. Mr. Youssef gave us new perspectives for teen’s behavior and allowed us to develop better understanding of their feelings.

Mrs. Sleiman
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