Coping with Uncertainty webinar at Ahliah School

As part of Ahliah’s ongoing support for its community, Ahliah School hosted an interactive webinar entitled “Coping with Uncertainty”, on January 22, 2021, with guest speaker Chant Kazandjian, Head of the Counseling Center, American University of Beirut. The aim was to shed light about the effects of uncertainty on our wellbeing during these challenging times, and how we can handle the stress that comes along.

Ahliah Counselor, Sandra Ziadeh, launched the event by thanking attendees, and briefly introducing and welcoming Mr. Kazandjian, as well as stating the main objective of the event.

During the webinar, the speakers defined uncertainty, noting that it is what we consider unpredictable, unreliable, unexpected, and/or unknown. They argued that uncertainty is about what we can versus what we cannot control. Examples of what we do not have control over included external aspects such as: politics, economy, pandemic, current events, environment, weather, and other people. Despite not being able to control many aspects of our lives, we can take control of our internal aspects: thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and reactions to external events.

In an interactive discussion with the audience, the speakers presented the effects uncertainty, and what people might feel during these times. They stated some effects of uncertainty on physiological, mental and emotional aspects of our wellbeing, as well as how uncertainty can influence family dynamics and relationships.
Mr. Kazandjian and Ms. Ziadeh then provided the audience with coping tips. They included the importance of a routine and structure, stress and time management strategies, as well as the importance of mindfulness and gratitude.

A Q&A session with the audience then followed, allowing everyone to share their questions, comments and experiences.

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