Post-Civil War Improvements (1991-2007)

1991 - Post-Civil War Improvements (1991-2007)

Post-Civil War Improvements (1991-2007)

As of 1995, the school started to restructure itself to meet the demands of the 21st century. The BoT, led by Nadim Cortas and with input from all of the school’ stakeholders started the process to develop a strategic plan to be coupled with a facility master plan. Four prestigious engineering and Architecture firms contributed in building the school’s Master Plan.

Najla Hamadeh became the Principal (1999-2005) She restructured the curriculum and undertook the training of teachers and administrators. She led an initial physical rehabilitation plan. By 2004, the school buildings were rehabilitated for a capacity of 400 students. The French section was closed. This was one of the hardest periods for the school, with attrition in its student body resulting from the gentrification process that moved out the inhabitants of its vicinity in a short period of time and the urgent need to rehabilitate the physical facility of the school. The reduction in student enrollment was associated with limited revenues for the school.

Manahel Kobeisi became Principal and held the fort (2005-2007).

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