Ahliah School and the Arabic Language

Ahliah School organized a workshop under the name of “Learn Arabic in Lebanon”, along with educational participation from universities and various schools.

Mrs Rida Ayache, the school principal, stressed on the importance of “raising awareness in the students’ minds about the importance of learning the Arabic language, with the necessity of opening up to other languages without fighting it”.

She asked about the factors behind this challenge in learning Arabic. “Is the reason due to some attitude that considers the Arabic language as a 

Solid language far from technology? Or is it the realistic dualism between classical and colloquial Arabic and which is the native one?”

The audience agreed “to preserve and maintain the pride of the Arabic language through scientific studies”.  The audience also partook in discussing the procedures that must be followed to save the language and the role of the educational field to revitalize the Arabic language.

President of the Board of Trustees of Ahliah School, Nadim Cortas hoped to develop a unified concept for teaching and learning the Arabic language by stating that: “The workshops will end, to start an awareness campaign, whilst placing us on the path of implementation, validation and evaluation.”

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