World’s Strongest Mathlete Competition

On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, students across the globe battled to discover the world’s strongest mathlete.

Ahliah school is proud to announce that one of its students, Mohammad Natout in grade 7A, scored first
in Lebanon!

Furthermore, other Ahliah students scored the following:

Grade 3:
• Zamreen Danish ( Ranked 10th in Lebanon)
• Celine Chantouf (11th)
• Lynn Badrashany (19th)

Grade 6:
• Najeeb Al Geadah (9th)

Grade 7:
• Mohammad Natout (1st in Lebanon and 380th world
• Ahmad Sonji (the 6th)
• Nour Al Houda Issa (the 8th)
• Mohamad Kobrosly (the 10th)
• Salaheddine El Sayegh (the 15th)

Grade 8:
• Yasmine Ramadan (the 5th)

Grade 10:
• Sara Al Amin (the 9th in the country)
• Laila Mougharbel (the 10th)

Congratulations to our students!
We are extremely proud of you!

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