Vanessa Redgrave | A World I Loved

In the last week of September 2016, Beirut hosted a performance of �A World I Loved� a play by Vanessa Redgrave to launch the centennial celebration of Ahliah School. Vanessa Redgrave, the celebrated English actress, 6 times Oscar nominee, Academy award winner and political activist that championed several humanitarian international causes came to Beirut for 3 days at the invitation of Ahliah School in preparation for her September play. The play was performed with sold-out performances at the Brighton Festival in the UK and the Miller Theater in New York City. During the 3 days, Vanessa Redgrave visited several theaters in Beirut to choose the most suitable for the performance. The play is based on the memoir of Wadad Makdisi Cortas, ï¿½A World I Loved�, given to her by Mariam Said, the daughter of the author Waddad Cortas. Vanessa Redgrave fell in love with the book and decided to create the play. The play portrays the changing physical political landscape of Lebanon and the region over half a century, from the First World War till the beginning of the Lebanese civil war in 1975.  The play�s rich performance combines music, storytelling, choral singing and video projections from the past. During her visit at Ahliah, Vanessa Redgrave met with Buying legal Deca Durabolin online in UK students in Ahliah�s Assembly Hall, read passages from �A World I Loved� and shared parts of her life experiences while answering their questions.

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