Senior Graduation 2023

On the 27th of June, Ahliah School celebrated the graduation of its seniors at its campus in Downtown Beirut, a remarkable event filled with pride and joy.


The ceremony commenced with the warm welcome from the school principal, Mrs.Rida Ayache, who expressed her immense pride in the graduating students and their exceptional accomplishments throughout their academic journey. She also highlighted their remarkable contributions to their community through various initiatives which showcased their dedication to making a positive impact beyond their school community. Furthermore, she extended her heartfelt gratitude to all the school stakeholders for their unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts in propelling the school’s journey towards excellence.


Following Mrs. Ayache’s speech, the Chair of the Board of trustees, Dr. Nadim Cortas, took the floor where he emphasized the significance of graduating from a school accredited by the top accrediting bodies, the Council of International Schools and the New England Association in Schools and Colleges. He highlighted how this milestone serves as a testament to the students’ hard work and the high-quality education they received, preparing them for the future ahead as well as Ahliah’s commitment to continuous development.


Ahliah’s esteemed keynote speaker, Dr. Rima Karami Akkary, then addressed the graduates with profound inspiration, stating, “As you step out of the halls of this lovely campus, you, the Ahliah graduates of 2023, carry this flame and with it the hopes and dreams of a nation longing for a brighter future.  Ahliah has prepared you to shine in this interconnected world, to possess the power to transcend boundaries, challenge stereotypes, and build bridges of understanding”. She reiterated that the entire country eagerly awaits the graduates’ ingenuity, resilience, compassion, and courage to forge a path towards progress and healing .


Following Dr. Karami’s speech three graduates represented their classes in expressing their gratitude to their teachers and parents for equipping them with the skills and knowledge to move forward in their education and life. They eloquently addressed their community in Arabic, English, and French.


The Senior’s Graduation Ceremony was truly a memorable occasion, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for our remarkable graduates. Congratulations to all the graduates, may their futures be filled with success and fulfillment as they continue to make an enduring impact on the world.  

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