Professional Development

The situation is still fluid, but we are ready!!

The past period has been challenging for all of us. Earth literally shook beneath our feet, and things haven’t been the same for a long time. Yet, we’ve kept our resolve to live up to our mission and to demonstrate the resilience, grit, and willpower which we always strive to instill in our students.

Throughout the past few months we have engaged in a long period of professional development in which all faculty and staff members prepared to provide our students with the sense of normalcy needed to allay any anxieties over the coming period.

Our curriculum was revisited and our lesson plans were reviewed to accommodate to the different instructional approaches presented. Skills targeted were identified and prerequisites established to provide our students with the most productive learning experience.

A new paradigm in building teachers’ capacity was adopted. Teachers underwent extensive training on the different modalities of learning be it face-to-face, online, or hybrid .They explored and honed their skills in different digital tools which facilitate students’ learning without compromising the “quality education “Ahliah School is committed to.

We, at Ahliah, were also mindful of students’ emotional well-being while developing our plans and building our teachers’ capacity. We’ve worked on integrating social emotional learning into our students learning plans and on building a strong support system which is capable of catering to our Ahliah community’s emotional and psychological needs.

We are looking forward for our school year 2020-2021, and though challenges may still lie ahead, we are now stronger, more confident, and more determined on staying true to our mission.

May we always rise above our hardships!

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