Students’ creative Pixel Art projects

Pixel art is a form of digital art, created by transforming an image into simplified small squared images, where images look like the pixel level. You can find pixel art in the majority of graphics for computers and video game consoles, as well as other limited systems like graphing calculators.

Drawings usually start with what is called the line art, which is the basic line that defines the character, building or anything else the artist is intending to draw.

Pixel art was very often used in older computers and console video games. With the increasing use of 3D graphics in games, pixel art lost some of its use. Despite that, this is still a very active professional/amateur area, since mobile phones and other portable devices still have low resolution. Sometimes pixel art is used for advertising too.

Students digitally created their projects using pixel art and Photoshop. Middle school students used animals and landscape pictures, while Upper school students used famous paintings and much more complicated visuals. This activity is a huge step in art expression and a challenging one.

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