Ahliah School celebrates Pi Day

Ahliah School celebrated Pi Day and Math World Day during the second and third weeks of March. Pi Day is celebrated worldwide on March 14 every year. This date was chosen for its symbolism to the common approximated value used for Pi which is 3.14. Additionally, March 14 is the birthday of Albert Einstein. The UNESCO designated Pi Day, also as the International Mathematics Day, in its 40th General Conference in November 2019.

Ahliah School celebrated this day by organizing a competition that included creating a model, an art, a slideshow or movie listing facts about Pi, and creating a poster including arts and facts about Pi. Our middle and upper schoolers created artistic designs which celebrate the mathematical constant “Pi”. They recognized the contributions of Pi into our understanding of Math.

Click here for the results of the competition.

Our 9th grader, Mohamad Ghandour, took “Pi” to the next level by solely creating a sphere illustrating the first 100 digits of Pi along with its symbol in celebration of Pi Day. Click here to check out his work.

We encourage everyone to visit the Pi Day Padlet, created to celebrate this day and show students’ work, and leave their reactions.

To know about Pi, visit the following link: https://www.piday.org/

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