Dr. Najla Hamadeh

Dr. Najla Hamadeh

Dr. Najla Hamadeh



Dr. Najla Hamadeh graduated (with distinction) from Ahliah School (for Girls) and received her BA and MA from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and her PhD in philosophy from Georgetown University.

Dr. Najla Hamadeh is presently focusing on her research interests that cover issues in gender, citizenship, philosophy of psychoanalysis, education, and value systems. She has several publications which include : Articles in Feminism and Islam: Legal and Literary Perspectives, ed. Mai Yamani, Ithaca Press, 1996; Intimate Selving in Arab Families: Gender, Self, and Identity, ed. Suad Joseph, Syracuse University Press, Clinical Studies: International Journal of Psychoanalysis, vol 4, No.1, 1998, in several volumes of Bahithat and in some Lebanese University publications, and a chapter about her experience at Ahliah School in al-Muwatiniyah fi Lubnan baina al-rajul wal mar’a, Dar al-Jadeed, 1999. She edited the al-Raeda Vol. XXIII “The Status of Women in Lebanese Legislation” 2005-6 and co-edited several volumes of Bahithat.  Her national and social engagements include: The National Committee of UNESCO, The National Committee for the Beijing Conference on women (1995), Committee for the Unification of the Lebanese Baccalaureate, Internal Review Board (IRB) at the American University of Beirut, and Friends of the AUB Museum.

She assumed the following positions:

  • 1986-1999 Teaching in the Civilization Sequence Program, also often borrowed by Philosophy Department – American University of Beirut
  • 1999-2005 Principal of Ahliah School
  • 2000-2011 Teaching philosophy (part-time) at the Lebanese American University
  • And lectured in many international, Arab, and national conferences
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