Omaima El Khalil Performance with Second Graders

Ahliah School was delighted to welcome the esteemed Lebanese singer, Omaima El Khalil, as a special guest. Known for interpreting her culture and passion for music to a global audience, her voice has resonated with a diverse fan base for decades, and she continues to thrive in the music industry today.


Accompanied by her husband, the pianist and arranger, Mr. Hani Siblini, Omaima El Khalil graced our school with her presence.
This special event was organized by our music teacher, Mr. Tarek El Katerji. The second graders, who had recently studied acapella as their music theme, had the unique opportunity to perform alongside Mrs. El Khalil. As a prominent figure in acapella singing, she joined our students in singing two songs—both her own, composed by the singer, Mr. Marcel Khalifah.

We extend our gratitude to our special guests, Omaima El Khalil and Hani Siblini, for making this musical experience memorable for our students and the entire Ahliah School community.

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