International Pi Day

We celebrated the International Day of Mathematics at Ahliah School on Thursday, April 14, 2024, also known as PI Day.

Throughout the week, students participated in a diverse range of engaging activities and mathematical competitions. In Grade 1, students enjoyed various mathematical games and exercises. Grade 2 students collaborated to construct a large number line on the floor, utilizing it as an interactive learning tool. Grade 3 students tackled mathematical challenges and explored the concept of division through hands-on activities centered on repeated subtraction.


Moving up to Grade 4, students engaged in an thrilling math relay race. Teams worked collectively to solve math problems at each station, accumulating points before passing the baton to the next participant. Meanwhile, Grade 5students undertook a project where they designed a mathematical city, complete with buildings shaped like numbers, streets named after famous mathematicians, and parks adorned with geometric patterns.

In Grade 6, students delved into the exploration and recitation of Pi, uncovering the mysteries and significance of this mathematical constant and providing hands-on experience to reinforce the connection between Pi and the fundamental properties of circles. Grade 7 students immersed themselves in a coding activity, accompanied by in-class competitions and a math marathon.

The enthusiasm for mathematics continued into Grades 8 and 9, with students participating in competitions and a math marathon, demonstrating their mathematical prowess. Furthermore, students across the upper school celebrated World Math Day by designing engaging, enjoyable, and educational activities for other classes to participate in, fostering a spirit of collaboration and appreciation for the subject.

Additionally, Grade 11 students had the opportunity to experiment with the number Pi using the Monte Carlo method in a coding exercise. The celebrations at Ahliah School for the International Day of Mathematics and PI Day brought together students of all grades in a dynamic exploration of mathematical concepts. Through engaging activities and competitions, students not only honed their skills but also fostered a spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm for mathematics.


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