Insights on lower school’s Visual Art

Lower school students created various art projects that highlight and/or target main objectives and key points of the Ahliah School mission statement. This was achieved through the coordinated efforts in implementing Ahliah School’s tailored curriculum that weaves relevant skills and content throughout its interdisciplinary projects to provide students with authentic and hands-on learning, and to allow them to reach their best potential.

1. Education for Sustainable Development | United Nations Sustainable Goal (UNSG) 15: Life on Land

Art projects shed the light on nature and the welfare of animals. Simple drawings of the bird or the caterpillar expressed the deep concern of the children to their environment.

2. Enriching Education

Art projects are multi-disciplinary. They cover Math and Visual Art through different learning experiences, such as to recognize and to discuss various solutions to a single art problem.

3. Global Citizenship

Young learners work on the theme “International Education” through Visual Art. Students celebrate the richness of cultural diversity in international Art by working in the style of different artists, such as:

4. Peace and Human Rights

Young learners understand how Art plays a role in various celebrations, thus acknowledging each other with respect and tolerance.

5. Raising Awareness

In the framework of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) to raise awareness concerning the Lebanese Cultural Heritage, Lebanese painters became the subject matter of art projects.


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