Grade 8 Trip

As part of Ahliah’s mission to promote diversity, empathy, and collaboration, Ahliah School collaborated with Amel International Association on an activity aimed at breaking stereotypes and promoting tolerance. They visited Al Sabil Garden and Library which were renovated by the NGO following the August blast, learned about the work and contribution of NGOs in their communities, understood the concept of community involvement, then played a game on breaking stereotypes and accepting others. Following the activity, Ahliah students along with AMEL community members were able to share their life dreams, reflect on their wellbeing, and exchange perspectives on common points of interest.


Several activities have been implemented and each has objectives. 

The objectives of the first activity:

  • Spread awareness on the role of NGOs and civil society in enhancing communities 
  • Reinforce an “I can mindset “: the belief that everyone can make a difference.
  • Emphasize the correlation between the gratification elicited from giving and emotional well-being.
  • Empower and encourage youth to embrace diversity  
  • Promote acceptance, empathy, and tolerance among different community members
  • Create new connections and potential friendships.

The objectives of the second activity:

  • Establish partnerships within the local community 
  • Build student agency and advocacy 
  • Empower students to assume active roles in building safer communities.
  • Reflect on how different forms of media including comic books carry themes that can reshape mindsets and combat or promote aggressive behaviors.

The objectives of the Third activity:

  • Promote resilience and shed a light on the power of labeling emotions (emotional intelligence).
  • Acknowledge the role of hardships in shaping characters 
  • Embolden youth to change the narrative to deal with setbacks 
  • Promote acceptance and respect for diversity
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