Grade 7 students raise their voice against Modern Day Slavery

As part of their Language Arts activities, Grade 7 students participated in the CNN’s Freedom Project which gives students around the world a stage on which they can collectively raise their voices against human trafficking, with the support of organizations, corporations, and communities everywhere.

The project aimed at emphasizing students’ contribution to the global economy. Students learned how to respect universal values and uphold and advocate for the human rights and dignity of all people around the world. They emerged with more empathy and respect to key universal values such as peace, freedom, and tolerance. Students leveraged technology to conduct research, communicate and share their messages. They demonstrated responsible use and navigation of social media to spread awareness on social issues.

Grade 7 students explored the different facets of modern day slavery. They used role playing to visualize the struggles of slavery, came up with their own definition of slavery, then analyzed real life case studies of modern-life slavery.

Students partnered with Highlands School of Egypt to shed a light on the interconnectedness of communities around the world. They leveraged technology to engage in a discussion with the partner school on the concept of freedom.

After developing the proper knowledge, Grade 7 students designed and presented videos, infographics, poems, speeches, and posters which help raise awareness on the dark side of modern-day slavery. They then shared their outcomes on social media platforms under #MyFreedomDay2020. Students concluded their activities by signing pledges to stand up slavery in all its aspects.

Find below samples of the students’ pledges:

Students’ Projects:

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