Grade 12 students refurbish the upper school’s playground couches

Under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Jihad Srour, Ahliah’s upper school supervisor, Grade 12 students took the initiative to fix and restore the upper school’s playground couches. Students who took part in this activity are Reem Shehab, Riwa Zakkar, Aya Abdallah, Laila Sadi, Lara Khaled, Hadi Al Ladan, and Amr Azzam.

After being used for several years, the couches were worn-out and needed to be replaced. Grade 12 students collected money from each other to purchase paint and foam boards. Ahliah’s receptionist, Norma Kazoun, generously donated the fabric needed for the couches.

The students and Mr. Srour began by measuring and marking the wood to cut it properly, precisely and safely to assemble the couches’ seats. They then trimmed the foam boards to fit the structure. Later, they worked on the fabric and performed every step of the upholstery.

Through their hard work and dedication, the students made their playground a little bit more homey and comfortable.

We aim to always encourage our students to be better citizens that are present in the community and to make use of their practical skills that could assist them with their journey of life.

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