Free verse poetry by Grade 6 students

Grade 6 English and Social Studies students held a poetry café reading session during the virtual class. They transformed their virtual classroom into a comfortable space where they shared personal free verse poetry, inspired by their reading: “Brown Girl Dreaming”. The memoir focuses on the author’s, Jacqueline Woodson, childhood as an African American growing up during the civil rights movement, where students learned about the past, present, and future world.

They were then assigned to compose their own free verse poetry about their dates of birth, portraying either non-fictional or fictional experiences. The wrote their poems using effective technique, figurative language, and well-chosen details, and used the content generated by their research in addition to their knowledge of their personal and family history.

During the session, students brought their favorite morning drink and snack, and read their poems to their peers.

Click on the below to check out our students’ “I am Born” poems:

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