Music Program postponement


29 Nov 2019


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Music Program postponement

The Ahliah Music Program, which was established in 2018, aims to educate, develop and inspire students’ musical skills to reach their full potential and commit to lifelong enjoyment of music.

The Music Program runs every Saturday, over two terms per Academic year, each term is comprised of 14 sessions and offers a range of music classes for students starting at the age of 3 years, open for Ahliah and non-Ahliah students.

The classes available are:

  • Music Awakening (3-5 years old)
  • Piano (6+ years)
  • Guitar (6+ years)
  • Flute (6+ years)
  • Violin (6+ years)
  • Cello (6+ years)
  • Oud (6+ years)

The Music Program is committed to the highest standards of musicianship combining innovative and individualized programs to meet the needs of the students, and aims to affiliate in the near future with an international music exam board to get certified.

This Academic year, the Music Program started on October 5th and carried 2 out of 14 sessions. Due to the current situation in the country, Ahliah School has decided to push all classes until January 2020 and deliver the 12 remaining sessions to our students, in the aim to provide consistent weekly classes. The following term will start at the beginning of the next Academic Year 2020-2021.

For new registrations, please contact Ahliah Communication Department, ext.113.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

The event is finished.

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