Embrace Session

As part of Ahliah’s mental health awareness, we collaborated with Embrace, to provide our faculty and staff with a virtual psychoeducational session addressing trauma and traumatic events.

Embrace is a non-profit organization (NGO) that works to raise awareness around mental health in Lebanon.

This psychoeducation awareness was facilitated by Ms. Zeina El Jordi Board Member and Awareness Campaign Coordinator of Embrace.

The session elaborated on the effects of trauma, especially the trauma of Beirut explosion on our mental health as a community, and how trauma might affect different people in varying ways. Ms. Zeina elaborated on acute stress disorder signs and post-traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, Ms. Zeina highlighted the reactions that are normal post-trauma and grief, and the red flags that might indicate that more help is needed.

The Beirut blast impacted many of the citizens of Beirut. Ongoing community support plays a major role in helping community members cope and recover from the ensuing effects.

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