DEI in collaboration with AMEL

Ahliah’s DEI Committee in collaboration with AMEL Association International planned and organized an awareness session on tolerance, acceptance, and empathy.
The session opened with the revealing of the results of a social experiment on bullying which the DEI committee had planned and conducted at an earlier date. Attendees were able to reflect on the results of the social experiment while emphasizing the impact of small acts of kindness and peer support.
Students, facilitated by a guest psychologist from AMEL, then engaged in an activity on the effect of hurtful words on one’s perception of self-worth and self-esteem. The activity was followed by a video on empowering students to develop the skills to combat bullying. Following the video, attendees engaged in a plenary discussion on turning bystanders into upstanders. Students understood the importance of their role in shaping the culture of their community.
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