Ahliah Recognizes its Student Body

“If you believe you can make a difference, then you will make a difference “.
A proud day at Ahliah School where members of the  DEI Committee were acknowledged for the positive impact they had on their school community.
Through their initiatives which aimed at promoting compassion, tolerance, and empathy, they were able to inspire their whole school community to become agents of a positive school climate that supports students’ wellbeing.
Here is a list of the students acknowledged: Sara Najia, Elham El Bahesh, Mohamad Sabra, Majd Ghaddar, Leen Morsel, Hadi Harhous, Mohamad Mheidli, Hala Yehya, Razan Fakhri, Malek Hjeij, Lara El  Hanoun, Joelle Majed, Haya Choura, Maysam El Makouk, Sabina El Haber, Mohamad Ghalayini
Ahliah School also recognized the winners in Ahliah’s Sports Activities where medals were distributed to the winners in ping pong, sudoku, football, and basketball tournaments.
Here is a list of the student winners in Ahliah’s Sports Activities:
In basketball: Judy Attar, Alma Habbal, Selena Karnib, Joelle Majed, Hala Yehia, Fatima Karout, Lara Hanoun, Leen Morsel, and Nour Hariri.
In Ping Pong: Salah Sayegh and Hussein Rammal
In Soduku: Joelle Majed
In Football: Ali Chaalan, Hassan Osman, Hmaad Atwani, Issa Mortada, Karim Shehab and Malek Lawand. 
We acknowledge the efforts of the students who were able to make a difference through acts of kindness, words of support, or activities that enrich students’ lives.
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