A message from Our Principal, Mrs. Ayache

I am writing this message to acknowledge the effort and dedication that have been shown by every member of Ahliah community in making the smooth successful transition from on-campus to off-campus learning during the lockdown period due to COVID-19 crisis.  

 It was not easy at all to set-up this whole process in such a short time and without being able to meet together in person, however the work that has been done by all and the commitment has been exceptional. All divisions and departments started from week one to connect with the students through available and age appropriate means. Preschool teachers have been working on and sharing engaging activities and material for students to keep building important foundational skills and enjoy learning. Lower School teachers have been extensively using the school portal, google classrooms and live sessions to provide a complete learning experience to students. Middle and Upper School teachers have been also using google classrooms and since March 16 started with a fixed daily schedule for live sessions in all subject areas to complement the work done through google classroom.

I greatly appreciate teachers for their passion to their students and their career which has been reflected in their dedication to learn new approaches and catch up with whatever it takes to communicate with their students and provide them with the appropriate quality education. I have experienced how much the online learning takes additional time than the regular teaching sessions. I really acknowledge the extra time and effort that teachers put in following up on each and every student, responding to their individual concerns and questions, checking for their understanding, and supplying them with extra resources to support them and ensure their understanding.

Also, I would like to thank all the administrators for their commendable work in supporting teachers professionally and technically to ensure proper education for our students.

Furthermore, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all parents for their understanding, collaboration, and involvement in their children’s education. Their support in monitoring, encouraging and motivating their children is vital in addition to their continuous feedback that helped us in bettering the process of shifting to virtual learning.

My utmost pride is of our students who show great responsibility for their continued learning and their readiness to autonomy and self-direction.  

The success of Ahliah is always achieved with a team like you supported by a visionary Board of Trustees that believes in Ahliah’s mission in bettering the life of our community.

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