Appreciation Post

Its always special for us when our students are thankful and grateful for their time in Ahliah School. We love you Layan and we wish you all the best ♥️“Hello, as I am halfway through my first semester at college, I often take a look back to my high school years and reminiscence the easy life with less academic pressure. But at the same time, I am even more thankful that I had great support in those years. As you mentioned before, college is extremely different from school. No one is there to push you to do better, deadlines are your own responsibility, and the world is on your own shoulders.I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and all your hard effort. If it weren’t for you, my high school years would not be this memorable or this beautiful. I wish I could thank you in person, but hard circumstances (and expensive plane tickets) prevent the simplest tasks. I hope you can pass on my appreciation to all my teachers and to everyone at Ahliah School.I wish you an easy and safe-going year ahead. Your former student, Layan Srour”

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