Ahliah’s seventy fifth anniversary

1992 - Ahliah’s seventy fifth anniversary

At the end of the civil war, the alumni association was headed by Mrs. Shahina Osseiran (members were Almaz Hemade Bayoud- Nada Sleiman Saba – Fadi Jamal el- Din- Leila Fawaz – Amal Hobeika Saliba- Noha Abou Khadra Kadoura- Yvonne Thahabiye Abou Jawde- Nuha Laban Shatila-Najat Halawe). They celebrated Ahliah’s seventy fifth anniversary at the American University of Beirut Alumni Club. Tokens of gold pins were distributed to former graduates. During that year, traditional Ahliah Mujadarah Lunches were revived. This helped bring back a large number of alumni and friends of the school. On Thalassemia day, Mrs. Nidal Alshkar read poems for great poets of land, love and freedom, in the presence of the Lebanese First Lady Mrs. Mona El Hrawi. Fawzi Saed Balbaaki an Ahliah School student gave a symbolic painting about Thalassemia that is still hanging at the Thalassemia permanent care center.

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