Ms. Nora El Shawwa


Ms. Nora El Shawwa



Nora Shawwa founded Rimal Publications in 1993 in Cyprus. The emphasis of Rimal publications is in history, art, culture, travel and children books. Rimal aims at building bridges between cultures and enlightening the world at large about the rich history, culture and traditions of this part of the world.  Ms. Shawwa brought to the attention of the public, important but neglected events and situations, by publishing comprehensive history books spanning over 3000 years. Among the books published “Life at the Crossroads: A history of Gaza”, “Historic Nicosia”, and “Syria: A historical and Architectural Guide”. During this period Ms. Shawwa was also the publisher of Middle East International, first issue appeared in November 2009. She also was the partner, managing director (2007-2009) of Middle East Economic Survey, a weekly newsletter published by Middle East Petroleum and Economic Publication in Cyprus. From 1979 – 1990 she worked at Mass Consultants and Services in Kuwait as an assistant manager for production and administration.

Ms. Nora Shawwa graduated from Ahliah School for Girls with a High School Diploma in 1973 and received her BA in political sciences from the University of Texas at Dallas in 1979.