Mr. Toufic Mouawad

Mr. Toufic Mouawad

Mr. Toufic Mouawad



Mr. Toufic Mouawad heads multiple executive boards, and participates in several companies which he co-founded in Lebanon and abroad in the areas of information technology, telecommunications and money transfer, including O.M.T (Online Money Transfer) S.A.L which offers numerous financial services such as Western Union money transfer.

Mr. Toufic Mouawad earned a degree in Law from Saint Joseph University in 1967. He interned in the office of Minister Michael Edde.

Mr. Toufic Mouawad worked as a legal advisor in Paris from 1980 till 1985. He has participated in Geneva and Lausanne Conference amongst the delegation headed by President Sleiman Frangieh and had been appointed as a member of the Constitutional Reform Committee (لجنة الاصلاح الدستوري) in 1984, which had been formed post Lausanne Conference, to represent President Sleiman Frangieh. He participated in the establishment of the Lebanese Permanent Civil Peace Association (الجمعية اللبنانية للسلم الأهلي الدائم) and had been appointed by the Vatican a member of the political committee which had participated in the SYNOD creation for Lebanon. He founded the “White Land Foundation” and “Mutadaminoun Foundation” which provides aid in educational, social, athletic, and municipal activities. He has a number of publications, articles, and national political interviews.

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